Art time 

Leaving art school has been tricky. Tricky because I spent the final year fantasising about making my own work in my own studio and now I find myself working long hours trying to get by, with very little time to access the makeshift studio I’ve made in my bedroom.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love my job and it’s a privilege to have one straight out of college. There are a few questions that keep popping up though:

How do I organise my time better?

Here’s my weekly schedule (with the things that cannot be altered time-wise blocked out)…


As you can see between commuting, working and sleeping there’s a limited amount of free time. The weekends I find I’m often so tired that by the time the chores are done there’s not much energy for anything else!

I’ve set myself a 45 minute challenge.

45 minutes of each day I will work out

45 minutes of each day I will create art

This is a big goal so I am going to build up to it over the next few months. I’ve also taken a more local job (which starts in 5 weeks) to cut down the hours I spend commuting.

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