Week 0

It’s frustrating when you feel fat and no longer fit into your Levi’s…but your BMI is still telling you you’re still ok.

The world calls it skinny fat. The state of being that means a size 8 bikini might fit, but doesn’t look good because of all those lumps and bumps.

Weight is a big lie, so I’m going to keep the focus on improving my strength and decreasing my measurements. Ideally getting back into my favourite jeans!

It’s been a long time since I gave up hoping I could diet or exercise my curves into a boyish lithe figure, or even look elegant in a dress. I’m accepting of the fact that I am a pronounced pear shape and whatever I do that’s the basic template I’m felt with. However, accepting the basic template doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve upon it. The main frustration for me though is the general lack of energy caused by a few years of the couch potato lifestyle.

Weight 58.6 KG

Fat 20.9 %

Water 57.7 %

Muscle 37.6 %

BMI 20.8

Bust 87cm (32DD)

Shoulder 101 cm

Upper left arm 27 cm

Upper right arm 28.5 cm

Upper left thigh 60 cm

Mid thigh 54 cm

Upper right thigh 60 cm

Waist 68 cm

Hip 94 cm

Widest point (saddle bags) 101 cm

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