Bikram Yoga 

A few years ago I had a super healthy 6 weeks which entailed a gluten, diary and wheat free diet and loads of Bikram Yoga. It was possibly the best I’ve ever felt in my life and probably the best my legs have ever looked to boot.

yogazenHowever, a nasty injury later and I found myself struggling just to get out of bed. Between studying for my final year and training as a teacher it was exhausting. After visiting the third  GP in my practice I was referred for a scan rather than fobbed off with high strength pain killers. Anyway, long story short, a few months and minor surgery later, I finally had the energy to function.

Which, leads me back to hot yoga.

Since the injury my blood pressure has remained so low that I suffer from fainting spells. This was really apparent when I blithely tried to return to bikram after a break.

The first class was a disaster. I felt dizzy and spent most of it on the mat. I think I managed one posture correctly- the savaasana. That being said I loved the heat and the feeling of relaxation.

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