Second Session

We warm up with a little light rowing, I’m still struggling with the lingering cold so I manage to breath mostly through my mouth and wipe my nose on a tissue stashed in my waistband.

There’s all kinds of new and scary equipment this week. To make it more daunting there’s a load of young men doing man weights and grunting plus one other woman who looks like a supermodel. I wish I had my hoody to hide in…

We try this push-pull piece of equipment, the cable pull. My PT tells me to use up all my stored aggression on it. I don’t have any so try to fill it up with anxiety instead. I manage to use it without springing the cables back onto anyone or getting beaten up. Result.

Next we do some free weights and knee highs combined with step ups. I find step ups nearly impossible, especially when it involves alternating legs and raising my knee. I try to remember which leg is which and swap them over…a few prompts and I get to 60. It took a long, long time.

Finally the stretches…although I am incapable of doing bicycle and have to make do with my strange, almost sit up leaning up thing, I feel better for it.


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