Instant results 

We live in a culture of instant results. Whenever you look into getting fit there are thousands of before and after photos waiting for you.

One of the hardest things I’m finding is accepting that there are no instant results.


My week 5 measurements, barring my boobs being bigger (which I suspect is cyclical) are the same as week 4, well to be honest they’re almost the same as week 0, give or take a cm here and there.

It’s been hard not seeing a result so I’m glad I’ve been able to feel one. Post workout I am energetic but I normally hit a slump in the mid afternoon. I’ve ordered in pumpkin butter and rice cakes and am taking the fatigue as evidence that my body is starting to adjust.

2 thoughts on “Instant results 

  1. I used to find that hard too, and then suddenly when you least expect it someone says ‘wow your arms a looking really toned,’ or even just ‘you look great.’ Progress is slow to show, to be honest I found the scales so demotivating and I never tried measurements. One day my friend asked my to do a 5 mile run with her, and I did the whole thing so easily and felt so good, I knew that my fitness was so much better than it used to be. That made me more determined to keep going than anything else.


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