Week 7

shutterstock_9007795It’s week 7, I’m falling off the wagon again. I spent yesterday tidying up the house (which was over 10,000 steps and up and down  4 flights of stairs). Babysitting also added in a bit of running around and climbing. My mind set has gone though.

My neice showed me her FitBit and as I’ve just been paid and need a boost maybe this is the answer.

It’s chucking it down with rain so I need some good music to get me out the house!



My stats this week are:

Weight 61.5kg

Fat % 23

Water % 56.2

Muscle % 38.2

BMI 21.7

Bust 87.5

Waist 67

Hip 97.6

Upper thigh 60

Widest point 101

I repeat the measurements and feel really confused as to why my body seems to change so much on a weekly basis! Just as I get excited that my saddle bags are going they come back.

Maybe I will get that Fitbit…

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