Dress code

situp.jpgWhat is the etiquette regarding gym clothing? We all know that the idea is you show off the physique. But, what do you wear before you get the physique you want to show off?

I love clothes. It’s great being able to dress up, put on the makeup and high heels and feel like a goddess.

Going to the gym is like being striped of all my tools. Obviously no heels, so I go for pink trainers.

No shape wear, I can’t fit my spanks under my leggings can I?

After a failed attempt I realise shape wear and slips will not fit under gym wear.

Sports bras…so they stop the DDs from jiggling but they also seem to flatten them out of existence. Where did my boobs go? Seen from above I have mega cleavage line but from the side they’re like scones.

Can you get shaped sports bras?

Then the vest verses T-Shirt question…I opt for T-Shirt because I might feel too flabby armed for a vest.

I put a big baggy man hoodie over my outfit to try to balance out my massive legs shown in all the unforgiving legging glory. During the workout I feel like I am catching alight. It’s so hot with the bra, t shirt and winter hoody plus leggings. I’m too embarrassed by now to take it off and be the fat girl. So I sweat like a pig and hit my face a few times with the toggles when on the treadmill.

Decide to google “what to wear to the gym when you’re fat” as soon as I get to the changing rooms.

I found this:



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