Too tall to be a yogi? 

I came in from yoga class feeling a bit disheartened. Everyone else seems to be able to pull the moves out and I’m there falling over every 5 minutes like a big, sweaty mess.

My Dad gives me a pep talk

Don’t worry about it, you’re too tall to yoga, it’s just not designed for tall people.

He then demonstrates that he’s never been able to touch his toes and still can’t. For background, my Dad is super fit and has scored as twenty years younger on his last health check up. He has a resting HR of 50.

Could it be that he’s right? Am I too tall to yoga? Is my build just intrinsically non- yogi?


Resorting to a very inaccurate survey method of asking all my family my Mum backs up my Dad and tells me I’m also not coordinated enough to do any sports and that’s why she never wasted her money sending me to ballet. I’m hurt that my mum dismissed my 4year old hopes of becoming a ballerina but glad she made up for it by encouraging me to excel academically.

My 84 year Nan tries to demonstrate touching her toes. At this point we stop the survey as she’s already had 2 hips done and her thigh bone replaced. She managed to touch her toes, which was impressive, but needed her stick to get back up again. Nan is only 5’6 so maybe that’s the cut off point for stretchy.

The theory is totally disproved by my very tall sister who went to pregnancy yoga and is now flexing her way through post natal postures.

Also, there are loads of models who do yoga and they’re all tall! When I search for it I find all sorts of advice on what to wear to yoga if you’re tall, which also proves that there are many tall people who are yogis.

Maybe it’s a body shape thing, these are all tall, slim women. Then I find links to plus size yoga teachers which show that anyone can do yoga. Anyway, yoga is non competitive and so does it matter if I’m never going to manage a chakaranga?

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