Is yoga enough?

warrior2Is yoga enough to get fit? I’ve been reading up and it looks like if you commit to doing yoga a lot and eat clean it can get you fit and keep you there. I have been really enjoying the yoga, but, since I’ve left the hustle and bustle of work and am more isolated professionally I find the quietness doesn’t suit me so much. Rather than needing downtime and silence I feel like I need people and noise.

Getting bored easily is a major fault of mine, it’s hard for me to stick at things as novelty appeals to me a lot. I want to find a form of exercise that suits where I am in my life now and will help me get to where I want to be.

My best friend is a swimmer, she learnt as an adult following an injury. I’ve always wanted to learn to swim and my gym has a pool. I add that to the list.

Swimming alone isn’t really ticking the social box though so I also sign up for a few of the HIIT classes at a more funky gym nearby.

When I’m sitting on the laptop in bed it’s easy to get carried away and tell myself I can try a new sport every night, I have to reign it in a bit. I’ve always fancied being able to run for more than a minute without loosing my breath. I add that to the list too.

I feel like I’m lost in the dark trying to negotiate all the different kinds of exercise out there.

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