Pole fit week 1 

FiremanPoleDance1I forgot how much I suck at dancing! My mum tried to cheer me up when I arrived home disheartened, by telling me it’s brave of me to try things I won’t be good at.

My boyfriend has asked what I was thinking when I signed up. Next time I decide to try anything involving coordination I have requested they all talk me out of it.

The warm up was ok, it’s a small class of 9 women with an instructor and assistant. The class lasts an hour. Half an hour in I was trying not to start crying. It’s made worse because the back wall is a mirror and my partner on the pole was tall and slim. I kept catching glimpses of my shrek like physique in the mirror, compounded by my choice of green top!

We warmed up to music, a few wrong steps but I was keeping pace. It was when we started on the pole that I was confounded. I have no coordination. I’m used to being the worse in the class but I was so poor I felt like walking out. I couldn’t get the first move, the move weight into other foot and circle pole…then we added on more moves.

The ideal was to get a little routine of move around pole, pivot pirouette, back slide, onto feet on floor, switch to side and come up. We then added in the fireman slide.

Oh dear! It’s depressing being this big negative mess. I held back tears all the way home. The class passed by super slowly as I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. It was like school PE all over again, the shame of knowing I would be picked last and with good reason too.

Am I crazy to even attempt getting fit? Can I ever hope to be even in the middle of a class? I’m not designed to dance and I have 3 more weeks paid for. Should have taken a language class…

The girls I spoke to afterwards were smiling and saying it was fun. I think I was the only one who felt like I had got fatter during the class and wanted to cry.

I’ve said I’ll be there next week and I hate to quit after an hour…but, miracles excepted I think I might have to give it up.

Never have I admired pole dancers more for there physicque, skill and coordination.

My Dad says there are worse things to be bad at then Pole Dancing and that if the scout from Spearmint Rhino calls we will get my brother to dance for him.

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