Boxfit1…jab jab cross 

As bad as pole dancing was that is how good box fit class was. Ok, clearly I’m not going to be good at it but I felt confidently in the bottom-middle section of the class with hope for improvement. What’s more I enjoyed it.

I got a good sweat on, there was running around and we used lots of jabs and Kettlebells. The only thing I really,really struggled with was sitting back to back with a partner trying to stay up. I can do around 10 seconds of wall sit so was surprised that the back to back had me on the floor within 2 seconds each time. Maybe I’m not good at teamwork?

My partner was lovely, she was mid 40s, there with a partner and had been a gym member for 10 years. She and the teacher made me feel very welcome. The people in a class make the biggest difference.

I’ve signed up to go again and I’m looking forward to getting stronger and faster. Maybe I’ll even get some boxing skills in the process!

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