Doing more daily 

realityPassing my driving test and moving out of London had the side effect of quartering the number is steps I take each day. I’ve dropped from a super active 20,000 a day average down to a mere 5000 simply by loosing my 20 minutes walk to the tube and all the public transport running about.

I’ve realised that this isn’t the best situation. How do I juggle a full time job, making art and exercise? Plus all the chores and family commitments and trying to hold onto some kind of social life.
I  have looked around for advice and followed the simplest. I’ve been walking three bus stops up to catch the bus in the morning rather than waiting for 10 minutes at the station. I’ve been pottering around in my lunch break and I’ve tried to combine chores with exercises. I’m parking my car in the furthest space to the entrance and lugging my bag into work to get some more calories burnt.

It seems to be helping as today I hit the magic 10000 steps. I know the adjustment will be slow but I don’t want to have to give up my favourite work skirt as well as those skinny jeans…and it’s getting tighter each week!

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