Leaving the old for the new

chestpressThe sunshine has come out which makes motivation a much easier game.

Today, I woke up and had finished breakfast by 6:30. After walking my brother’s hyperactive terrier and my wonderful dog I managed to get an hour of oil painting in before the training session.

This is my last time with this instructor. Now that I’ve found a closer gym I like the idea of using the facilities there so that I can really focus on getting the exercises right and using the equipment correctly when I’m alone too.

The idea is to decrease to an hour a fortnight (which is in effect what I’ve managed anyway ) but commit to keeping the appointment.

Today was great. The warm up on the cross trainer highlighted my ongoing battle with cardio. This was followed by shoulder press, chest press and rowers. The weights in row position I find really confusing. What’s good though is that it’s gone from being confused with 4kg to being confused with 6. Definitely an imepovement.pull

An exercise I really liked the feel of was the big ball weights squat. 5kg held in each hand and then the exercise ball on my lower back against a wall. I squatted down and up and although my legs started to burn I enjoyed the support the ball gave my back and the massaging sensation.

The balance challenge was stretching out my opposite arm and leg and then bringing elbow to knee under my chest. How can something so hard be made to look so easy?

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