Swimming lesson 1

When did water get so scary?

Like many other girls I gave up swimming lessons when I was around 9 as I felt so self conscious about wearing a swimming costume. It was compounded by having to wear glasses. Over the years there have been a few dips in pools, mainly treading water and keeping my head (and contacts) safety away from the water.

So, when my best friend told me about her £18 prescription googles I saw the chance to learn to swim.

The experience of swimming as a woman who can see is very different from that of a short sighted girl. I could recognise the instructor, I could see the steps!

We started with floating and breathing. It’s super tricky to breath in and out. I swallowed a lot of water through my mouth and nose trying to grasp it. I think now I understand what I’m supposed to be doing, so it’s just practice to get used to keeping my chin in the water.

With the help of my pink float I managed the legs of front crawl and next week I learn the arms!


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