Shape changing regimes- do they work? Doesn’t every pear dream of finding a way to spot loose…trimming the bottom and thighs without loosing the defined waist?

Likewise apples dream of achieving a flat toned tum and defined waist while keeping the killer pins.

Various advice is out there, here are a few of the more popular theories:

1. It’s diet related
2. Hormonal distributions cause certain body shapes
3. It’s genetic

The most depressing of all the theories is that it’s just the old genetic lottery again. Look at your mother and granny and see your future. Oddly though, within one family ther can be a multitude of shapes. My sister is tall and slim, carrying weight when she gains it on the bust and stomache. No matter how much she gains the long legs stay trim and cellulite free.

My gran is also tall and slim, I’ve never seen her legs so have no idea on the cellulite front but I’m guessing they’re like my sisters.

My mum is an hourglass to pear, her bust and hips are equal but she does tend to carry more on the bottom half.

My other gran is petite with a small frame. She’s curvy and would probably tend more towards a pear if she carried any weight. Again, I’ve never seen her legs so can’t judge the cellulite front. I’m guessing there isn’t enough fat for it to matter.

If it all boils down to genetics and looking at which relative we favour then there’s little point in trying to change, which is quite a depressing idea. I think once again I’m taken back to forcing myself to focus on fitness and not aesthetics.

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