3 miles in…40 minutes 

So the intention was to run 3K because I couldn’t work out how to input 2.5 into the treadmill. It wasn’t until 40 minutes and 14 seconds later when I finished, that it hit me it was in fact 3 miles I’d run or 4.8km.

On the plus side, in spite of having to run walk for part of it I managed  it and actually enjoyed it. When I forget how slow I am it’s nice to enjoy the sensation. Besides, the best thug about being slow is that I can only get faster (right?)

The comfortable speed seems to be  roughly 5 mph. It probably is as slow as it sounds.

Another plus point is that there’s loads of advice out there for improving running times. Including a guide to going coach potato to 5 k in a few weeks and an app. I wonder if I don’t need to focus it in a bit more and stick to what I’m doing.

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