HIIT…second attempt

bycyclepressEveryone in the class agreed that it was super hard with the new instructor. The plus side is I now have three other women to chat to in class, downside- I feel so unfit!

I was pretty confident because the sun is shining and my mum said she can see my ab muscles starting to come through. I was flustered by the time I got into class though, a random man decided to help me park, why do men do that? I have my system, reverse, forward correct, reverse, but the minute a man tries to help I end up doing a 35 point turn and getting super stressed. After my appalling reverse park he then asked if I’d passed my test. I felt like telling him that I was fine until he started trying to help…I bit my tongue though.

I went into the gym pissed off.

The class cheered me up though, I even managed to sneak out and leave the car park without anyone trying to help me.

Abs here I come!

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