Sit and Reach

There are some things that don’t sound that hard…sit and reach would fall into the category of deceptively appealing names for exercises. I read the instructions for how to perform a sit and reach test, which were:

This test involves sitting on the floor with legs stretched out straight ahead. Shoes should be removed. The soles of the feet are placed flat against the box. Both knees should be locked and pressed flat to the floor – the tester may assist by holding them down. With the palms facing downwards, and the hands on top of each other or side by side, the subject reaches forward along the measuring line as far as possible. Ensure that the hands remain at the same level, not one reaching further forward than the other. After some practice reaches, the subject reaches out and holds that position for at one-two seconds while the distance is recorded.

In my head this meant doing this…


…which seems an easy enough fitness test to perform. However, something didn’t feel right so I checked those videos.

It was in fact more like this…


…a far better way to test flexibility. I didn’t score brilliantly (15cm), but I’m glad the yoga has helped with something other than calming me down.


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