Exercise like mad and gain 5kg! 

gym1Ok, I admit it, when I said it was all about fitness I lied. I was hoping that the side effect of getting super strong would be trimming down, looking slim and toned.  Secretly I dreamed that a size 10 trouser might start to feel snug.

Ah how fate mocks me! I went swimming this morning with my ultimate motivator (my Mum) and my noodle float. Post swim the scales were too tempting to resist….65kg! Normally over a monthly cycle I go from 58 – 61kg and back again, every month, like clockwork. Where have those extras come from? I think back to my previous fitness experiments where I went up from 56 to 61 kg But at the same time went from doing 0 pull ups to managing 3. Is this my body clinging stubbornly onto the excess fat and laying down more? Or is it really the old “muscle weighs more” thing?


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