16 week challenge 

running3I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with my fitness drive. On the other hand I now have more time as yesterday was my last day at work. I’m going to be working from home 3 days a week and on site 2 days a week from next week. That gives me miles more flexibility.
It also takes out the monster commute which was quite exhausting.

I’ve been looking around for ways to meet new people and get fit. In conversation the idea of downloading the army fit app came up. There’s a 16 week guide to getting fit listed on The Guardian. It based on military workouts so I start imagining myself in full camouflage lugging a pack around.

I thought I’d give it a try so I’ve made myself a calendar. The base line test involves sit-ups, push-ups, a stretch and reach check and a 2.5K run. This must be a healthier approach than the focus on measurements.

I want to get fitter and if it improves my body that’s a bonus.

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