100% Army Fit App

My medals for Level One

To compliment the 16 week programme I downloaded the 100% Army Fit app. It’s great!

The videos for warming up and exercising are easy for me to follow and the beginners level is so basic that I feel like I can handle it. It’s also really cool to get little medals for finishing the exercises. I like knowing that when I get a spare hour at home I can have a go at some of the exercises.

There’s no pressure and no one who I feel I am letting down by being so slow. I chose the Scottish instructor as she sounds motivational but not too angry. I’m not sure how far I will get on the levels, it’s unlikely that I will ever get 100% Army Fit but who knows? In a few years I might be cycling my way from John O’Grouts to Lands End!


The best bits:

  • easy to follow videos
  • warm ups and cool down videos in real time
  • medals to share on social media
  • nice design
  • very low fitness level needed to start Level 1
  • The exercises stay the same but range from beginner to elite level

The worst bits:

  • GPS doesn’t seem to work
  • no music during runs, the app doesn’t work if you play music at the same time
  • there’s no way to set up a reminder automatically to tell you to use it (I know that sounds lazy!)
  • If you warm up and cool down that’s 20 minutes gone before the real exercises begin, it’s OK on the muscular but the cardio can be very time consuming


To download:



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