I registered for parkrun a few weeks ago, asking around friends to see if anyone might want to join was a fruitless task. I decided I’d go it alone, which would also mean if I quit no-one would find out!

Last night I had a take away and a few glasses of wine. So, after wrestling with the internet this morning I printed out my barcode and headed over to the park.

Firstly, I had to find a parking space, fortunately I remembered a side road with a mini car park. Problem solved.

8:45am I headed from the car to the park and reachced the start at bang on 9am.

Queue 45 minutes of jogging the 5k. My Fitbit confirmed what my laboured breathing suggested- I was at my peak. It was hard, my legs felts like jelly after for a few minutes but it was my lungs that struggled through the 5k.

Next time I’ll wear a hat as I caught the sun, but, there will be a next time. The atmosphere was supportive and relaxed. I was too embarrassed to go in gym gear in case I panicked and decides to walk around the park instead, so I wore an oversize hoodie and waterproof hiking trousers. My trainers too of course. The heat from the hoodie made it a bit tricky but I was glad to have the extra fabric to hide in and the hood to pull up at the end. I was embarrassed about being so slow but the volunteers were all so nice and encouraging that it stopped my shame from getting to me.

I’m proud that I did it. It was slow and not pretty but the only way is up.

My time was  38:04 minutes.


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