Fitness Progress Check

Push ups in 2 min = 20

Sit ups 2 min  = 35
Weight 56.6 KG

Fat 19.4%

Water 58.8%

Muscle 40.8%

BMI 20

Bust 87

Shoulder 102

Upper left arm 28

Upper right arm 29.5

Upper left thigh 63

Mid thigh 55

Upper right thigh 61

Waist 68

Hip 94

Widest point (saddle bags) 100

sweatyIt’s been strange seeing how my body is slowly getting stronger. The big difference, which can’t be measured by a scale is how much better I feel. I still look a bit flabby and pear shaped but I’m less bothered about it. Today I found myself looking at bikinis, something just 11 weeks ago I would never have had the confidence for.

The progress is slow but I’m still making more than if  I’d stayed on the couch!

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