Breast Stroke Swimming

floatingfrontToday after the progress made with front crawl and backstroke my teacher introduced the breast stroke. We used a noodle float straight out in the water and one under my arms and first practiced the routine for legs on the steps:

  • heels forward
  • toes out
  • legs out
  • legs straight and squeeze together

The breathing we tried to bring in and it was like being at the start all over again.  Breaststroke is a hard one to master but I’m quite glad that we got to trying the legs without a float by the end of the lesson.

Although there is still a long way to go I can now front crawl for two lengths and backstroke for more. Swimming is great, it’s relaxed and my breathing is starting to get more manageable.

Four more lessons in the shallow pool and I move onto the ‘big girl’ deep pool! Woo!


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