Christmas Break

It’s the Xmas break and I’m determined to use the extra time to try to boost my fitness a bit. So far I’ve committed myself to doing 15 minutes exercise, of any description when I wake up.  As soon as I’m downstairs for breakfast that’s my incentive gone. I’ve been preparing everything the night before so when I get out of bed the first thing I see is gym clothes, water bottle and an exercise mat. 

It’s day two and I’ve been relying on my app, partly for convienience  and partly because I really like the videos and no messing about attitude. 

Didn’t make it through the whole range today, press ups left me lying on the floor totally disheartened and wiped out. It’s like my body suddenly forgot how to do them! 

At least my filing cabinet is doubling as a good tricep dip platform…

What is the best height for tricep dips? 

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