Exercise induced asthma 

It’s been months and the gains in muscle strength have been fantastic, the cardio remains a massive struggle though.

Some days I run and run and others I manage five minutes before coughing and spluttering back to a full stop. I’m from a family of asthmatics. My two grandfathers and my mother have both been hospitalised for asthma complications and both my siblings had childhood asthma.

My Mum was the driving force behind me seeing my GP. We went swimming together and she said my breathlessness can’t be lack of fitness when I work out four times a week.

The GP diagnosed me and I now have a reliever inhaler to use before exercise. Check up in a few weeks to see how the peak flow looks.

I used my inhaler before a session yesterday.

Wow! All this time I’ve been pushing myself and getting frustrated at needing to nap after cardio…two puffs of salbutamol and I can cycle!

The most exciting part is that now I know how to treat the problem I can potentially train more on the cardio side and improve my stamina. For more info on exercise induced asthma  (UK) see http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/asthma/pages/diagnosis.aspx

2 thoughts on “Exercise induced asthma 

  1. That’s great that your new inhaler is clearing things up a little! It’s the worst feeling when you’re body can’t do what you want it to. I’ve been there as well and it sucks. I’ve got heart disease and lots of times I’ve needed to nap after cardio as well. Good luck with your future running!


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