Sciatica and stress 

It’s been an intensely stressful few weeks. My relationship broke down, leaving me over analysing every moment we were together, I ate far too much junk and felt too depressed to work out.

My fitness apps have been unloved for weeks now. My daily steps have plummeted below 5000. I worked out on Monday, vaguely intending to sort myself out and managed to trigger a sciatica attack.

Queue a day of triple painkillers and lying down…more days of painkillers and lashings of self pity.

It’s now a week and I’m managing to hobble about and do the reliever exercises.

The recommended exercises for sciatica are listed here NHS Sciatica Stretches so I won’t repeat them. I’ve found the putting knee  on chair while standing helped me most.

It’s been a wake up call in that I realise I need to take better care of my body. Instead of punishing it for being ugly maybe I should celebrate how much it can do.

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