Burnout (again!)

Over enthusiasm is a problem of mine, I tend to get carried away when I find things I enjoy and don’t usually know when to stop. This weekend I planned to go swimming on Friday afternoon, go to a job interview, take a Krav Maga class, pick up dinner on the way back and relax.

Saturday’s plan was a Park Run followed by two hours of rowing on Sunday.

I’m afraid to admit I achieved none of these things (except the interview).

By lunchtime on Friday I felt a bit rough, sore throat and tired. I then had an allergic reaction to the milk in some sausages (in the UK if it’s less than 5% we don’t label it). I’m extremely allergic to milk protein and normally avoid sausages, but, a bit of peer pressure and an inviting packet got to me. My other half is used to seeing the tell tale eyes going spacey, black rings appearing and slurred speech… so got the antihistamines into me in time. Rather foolishly, in all the confusion of the reaction we forgot to wash the sausage pan. Queue another reaction on Saturday!

Two reactions in one weekend totally floored me. We managed a few strolls where my breathing resembled Darth Vader and I spent a lot of time sleeping.

In a way, the reaction makes me remember how far I’ve come and appreciate being able to do any sports at all! It’s also frustrating to feel the total burnout.

Maybe my timetable is too much for my body?

I’ve been trying to do 45 minutes a day 5 days a week. It doesn’t sound much does it? How long do I need to stay at beginners 2 workouts before I move up and start getting stronger?

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