Jeans test DONT FIT 

16 weeks of working out …

I am terrible at sticking to guidelines unless something is enforcing them. So, although I’ve tried to do 16 weeks of regular commitment it in no way approaches the rigour of the intensive workouts set out in the 16 Week Plan. Plus, as always, my nutrition is terrible.

The numbers on the scale have been going down and so here are the latest stats:

Weight 62.8kg

Bust 86

Waist 68

Hips 97

Widest point 103

Left thigh 61

Right upper arm 29

Body fat 24%

Push ups in 2 min: 30

Sit ups in 2 min: 28

With all the progress I decided to see if my old jeans would fit. I tried to force them on by lying on the floor wiggling and did encentually squeeze them almost up but the zipper was still at full open. Also, even squeezing that far (still lying down as they are too tight to stand in) I struggled to breathe.

What did this teach me? Firstly, that I’m really glad no one walked in on me wrestling with a pair of skinny jeans on the floor.

Secondly, that what I’ve gained from starting and continuing to exercise is worth more than dropping a couple of dress sizes.

The last time I wore those jeans (when they did up and looked amazing) I was not as happy as I am now. Sure I fitted into a size 8 but I did it by sticking to 1,600 calories a day. I had no energy left over to exercise and blamed my inability to get fit on my medical condition and not my food intake.

Not only could I not do a push up, I could barely walk upstairs without getting tired and breathless.

My initial goal was to get back into my jeans. I didn’t achieve that but found something a lot better. So, I’ve stuffed the jeans in the back of my wardrobe and bought myself a new pair of snakeskin leggings to celebrate all the hard work!

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