Pull ups (assisted)

When you see a woman doing pull ups in the gym it’s pretty impressive. Heck, a man doing pull ups is pretty impressive!

I’ve always fancied having a go so today I started trying out assisted pull ups via a bar above the floor and on the machine.

I have terrible vertigo, it hits me even at small distances from the ground. It came on in my mid 20s and I’ve not shaken it off. This is in spite of a childhood climbing trees and hours as a teenager smoking from a 6th floor window. In short, I was terrified to attempt any lift off the ground without moral support.

My PT showed me some moves and it wasn’t so bad. I started with the pull up machine 30kg of help and went down to 20.

The floor based version (no danger of vertigo) I enjoyed a lot. I think it will help with my confidence too.

A good day!

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