The Body Visualiser Tool

Just discovered this really cool tool to help visualise how much weight or measurements need to be lost to reach an ideal.

So, firstly I wanted to see (without referring to measurements) roughly what I look like now. I put in the measurements (using imperial so I couldn’t cheat) to get my first mock up me.

As you can see totally pear shaped and holding all the weight around the hips. I then added in my actual measurements. It was a nice surprise.

my ideal body size

This is my ideal body, loosing the saddlebags and hips. Unfortunately, it would mean loosing a whopping 15cm off my hips so I don’t think I’ll ever get there short of cosmetic surgery.

It was really good seeing this tool and using it to help me work out where to focus training the muscles.

The only thing with visualisers is that they never add in the lumps and bumps which are normally what makes us so self-conscious about bits of our bodies. I thought I’d make a vector to compare the visualiser using my measurements verses the camera. thighs

The lumps and bumps are easier to see above. I still can’t face any photos showing my fat but even basing an image on a photo of it is progress for me! My pockets of fat and saddlebags do make the thighs and bottom much chunkier than the visualiser. That being said it’s not too far out.

Think this is my new favourite site for checking proportions, I can also image using the body visualiser when having clothes altered or when I’m working on portraits and need a slightly different angle to check the model on. The 360 degree movement is great, it’s a site I’m really happy to see as I’ve been looking for something similar for a long time.

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