Panache Ultimate Sports Bra

The ultimate sports bra in Neon Pixel sounds pretty good! I’ve lost a cup size (always the weight goes from where you don’t want to loose it, right?) so thought this would open up a whole world of pretty bras for me. I’m still a 30D so although no longer in the ‘big girls’ camp it’s no easier to get my hands on the band size in stores.

Firstly the bra is a bit on the small size, it’s fine on the band but the cups do run tight. This might be why the racer back function was impossible for me, it was so uncomfortable I gave up on it before I left the bathroom. The bra itself is very comfortable and totally supportive, it’s also really pretty and low enough cut to wear under vests and t shirts. I’m so pleased with it I’ve ordered another one this time in a bigger cup and the kaleidoscope pattern. There’s even matching pants available if you like to wear sets!

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