New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 2020, that time of year when all the New Year’s Resolutions come crashing down around you. However, as I spent New Year’s Eve enjoying the totally traffic free roads as we headed back for an early night, making a resolution while everyone else it breaking their’s seems good to me.

The past few years has been a blur of bereavements, job changes, a wedding and a new baby. My resolution is, as every January, to try to get a bit fitter. Now I’m juggling art, fitness and an exclusively breastfed 4 month baby.

Pregnancy worked wonders for my asthma and I’m totally off all preventers with my little blue puffer relegated to the back drawer for emergencies.

The main barrier to me getting anything done at the moment is time. So, my resolution is to move for 20 minutes a day, everyday.

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