39 days and then stuck in the yellow zone

After managing 39 days of hitting the 10,000 steps (often exceeding them) I was feeling pretty smug.

“It’s the beginning of a new me, I’m going to be so strong!”

Then, a cold struck. Viruses are the bane of my life. I catch pretty much everything going and the flu normally knocks me out for at least a month (literally a month in bed doing nothing but drinking fluids and aching). So, at least this is a cold rather than flu.

Even so, it has knocked me for six. The nurse explained that when in the yellow zone I can take my reliever every two hours until I come back into green. I follow the advice and spend 11 days in the yellow zone religiously puffing away every few hours.

My peak flow isn’t that low, but I feel totally wiped out. I’m still going into work but come home and sleep within about 15 minutes of crossing the threshold. I spend the entire weekend asleep. Even TV is too much effort. Yesterday I finally got a  green zone reading, plus two yellows. I’m happily in the top of the zone.

It’s quite frustrating to get knocked back again by another virus. Still, a few more days taking it easy and I can work back up to 10,000 steps and see if I can beat the 39 days and make it to the elusive 66. Sixty six days is the average number needed to make a lasting change in a habit, so that’s what I’m aiming for.


Asthma Update

It turns out my feeling so wiped out all the time isn’t normal and is probably linked to the asthma. My blood oxygen has been going as low as 84% which also helps explain the feeling of faintness and the low blood pressure problems. I saw the nurse who says she’d like to try me on a preventer medication as it seems the asthma isn’t just exercise induced. I’m now on the Clenil brown inhaler, 4 puffs either end of the day. Review again in 6 weeks to see how it’s going….fingers crossed this will help with the fatigue.