New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January 2020, that time of year when all the New Year’s Resolutions come crashing down around you. However, as I spent New Year’s Eve enjoying the totally traffic free roads as we headed back for an early night, making a resolution while everyone else it breaking their’s seems good to me.

The past few years has been a blur of bereavements, job changes, a wedding and a new baby. My resolution is, as every January, to try to get a bit fitter. Now I’m juggling art, fitness and an exclusively breastfed 4 month baby.

Pregnancy worked wonders for my asthma and I’m totally off all preventers with my little blue puffer relegated to the back drawer for emergencies.

The main barrier to me getting anything done at the moment is time. So, my resolution is to move for 20 minutes a day, everyday.

39 days and then stuck in the yellow zone

After managing 39 days of hitting the 10,000 steps (often exceeding them) I was feeling pretty smug.

“It’s the beginning of a new me, I’m going to be so strong!”

Then, a cold struck. Viruses are the bane of my life. I catch pretty much everything going and the flu normally knocks me out for at least a month (literally a month in bed doing nothing but drinking fluids and aching). So, at least this is a cold rather than flu.

Even so, it has knocked me for six. The nurse explained that when in the yellow zone I can take my reliever every two hours until I come back into green. I follow the advice and spend 11 days in the yellow zone religiously puffing away every few hours.

My peak flow isn’t that low, but I feel totally wiped out. I’m still going into work but come home and sleep within about 15 minutes of crossing the threshold. I spend the entire weekend asleep. Even TV is too much effort. Yesterday I finally got a  green zone reading, plus two yellows. I’m happily in the top of the zone.

It’s quite frustrating to get knocked back again by another virus. Still, a few more days taking it easy and I can work back up to 10,000 steps and see if I can beat the 39 days and make it to the elusive 66. Sixty six days is the average number needed to make a lasting change in a habit, so that’s what I’m aiming for.


Panache Ultimate Sports Bra

The ultimate sports bra in Neon Pixel sounds pretty good! I’ve lost a cup size (always the weight goes from where you don’t want to loose it, right?) so thought this would open up a whole world of pretty bras for me. I’m still a 30D so although no longer in the ‘big girls’ camp it’s no easier to get my hands on the band size in stores.

Firstly the bra is a bit on the small size, it’s fine on the band but the cups do run tight. This might be why the racer back function was impossible for me, it was so uncomfortable I gave up on it before I left the bathroom. The bra itself is very comfortable and totally supportive, it’s also really pretty and low enough cut to wear under vests and t shirts. I’m so pleased with it I’ve ordered another one this time in a bigger cup and the kaleidoscope pattern. There’s even matching pants available if you like to wear sets!

Krav gamboles 

gamboleskravFor those of you not from Birmingham, UK a gambole is what we call a forward roll.

So, Krav and good weather makes for a perfect Tuesday evening. We were outside on the grass which means it’s time to try the drop and roll techniques.

I cannot gambole. I never could, my beloved grandpa used to sit with me on our front lawn for hours trying to get me to forward roll. I did one once I think, or maybe I dreamt that.

It was hilarious. All the guys look like extras from an action movie and I’m doing sideways sausage repeatedly on the grass. The instructor tried to help and did another demo. Still I side sausage. Glad that I don’t need to do this every week!

Bruised knuckles 

Another week of Krav Maga and the swollen knuckle that goes with it. It’s now turning into a nice scab that bleeds at will.  This led to an amusing meeting on Friday. As I shook hands with a new colleague the scab burst and soon a trickle of bright red was running over my right hand. Luckily the meeting was in a coffee shop, thank goodness Cafe Nero have lots of napkins.

My friendly barista asked how is managed it and I told him in a self defence class. It made a nice ice breaker as then the three of us talked about Krav, well I evangelised they listened, queue a very pleasant working meeting.

I’m sure doing Krav played its part in securing me that illustration deal!