Panache Ultimate Sports Bra

The ultimate sports bra in Neon Pixel sounds pretty good! I’ve lost a cup size (always the weight goes from where you don’t want to loose it, right?) so thought this would open up a whole world of pretty bras for me. I’m still a 30D so although no longer in the ‘big girls’ camp it’s no easier to get my hands on the band size in stores.

Firstly the bra is a bit on the small size, it’s fine on the band but the cups do run tight. This might be why the racer back function was impossible for me, it was so uncomfortable I gave up on it before I left the bathroom. The bra itself is very comfortable and totally supportive, it’s also really pretty and low enough cut to wear under vests and t shirts. I’m so pleased with it I’ve ordered another one this time in a bigger cup and the kaleidoscope pattern. There’s even matching pants available if you like to wear sets!

Enell AKA amazing! 

EndellMy Enell sports bra arrived and I wore it for a jog today. Firstly, I confess that I bought it because I liked the colour (Biscay Green) and the reviews were good. I decided that even if it was only ok the metallic green made it cool.

It totally lives up to the hype! I have never felt so comfortable running. Not only was there no bounce I also realised that this Enell bra stopped me getting the familiar shoulder and back pain post run which I suspect was from my badly fitted sports bras.

It’s always a bit awkward being buying bras. Over the past few years I’ve gone from a 30F to a 30DD through weight loss but having a narrow back makes finding a good bra tricky.

I normally settle for wearing a 32DD on the narrowest hook and sewing the band shorter for my everyday bras. With sports bras the key is getting the right band size so I’ve had to shop about for the right style.

Because a 30DD is still a small bust I’ve used a lot of compression style bras. I grab a size small or medium, squeeze them in and ignore the discomfort. This hasn’t been encouraging me to run.

My Enell is so comfy that I am now saving up for the blue version.

I bought two shock absorber bras at the same time which are great for general gym sessions and jumping about. They have the advantage of looking cute under vest tops too. The only thing I don’t like about the Enell is that under vest tops it looks a bit granny, the metallic colour makes it look deliberate at least though. I’m not at the confidence stage to wear it alone but the model below shows that it can be worn as a crop and look fab!