Krav Maga induction 


Krav Maga is a practical self defence system. I heard it also gives you a great work out and can be a good confidence booster.

The induction takes part in the regular class. I accidentally wondered into junior gymnastics at first but then was redirected to a room full of men in black. A little bit intimidating….

The instructor was very nice and encouraging. Luckily another two women joined the class, one has been doing it for two years and then other for a few weeks. Having a couple of other women there made me feel a lot more relaxed.

I partnered with Sian, who has been training for two years. She was so nice! There’s a lot to take in and I’m sure only about 20% of the instructions lodged in my spongy brain.

The class isn’t just practicing the moves and getting the kick shields out. There’s a fitness element with jogging, squats and lots of push ups! I can manage a single push up at this point and as it was my first time got away with it.

The finale is the Pressure Drill. It looks intimidating but was really helpful.

I’d recommend an induction to anyone as it really gives you a feel for it. The class is very tiring, expect to be sore the next day, but I’m looking forward to next week!

Christmas Break

It’s the Xmas break and I’m determined to use the extra time to try to boost my fitness a bit. So far I’ve committed myself to doing 15 minutes exercise, of any description when I wake up.  As soon as I’m downstairs for breakfast that’s my incentive gone. I’ve been preparing everything the night before so when I get out of bed the first thing I see is gym clothes, water bottle and an exercise mat. 

It’s day two and I’ve been relying on my app, partly for convienience  and partly because I really like the videos and no messing about attitude. 

Didn’t make it through the whole range today, press ups left me lying on the floor totally disheartened and wiped out. It’s like my body suddenly forgot how to do them! 

At least my filing cabinet is doubling as a good tricep dip platform…

What is the best height for tricep dips? 

100% Armyfit level 2


Hooray I’m no longer in the lowest of the low category! I managed the cardio of level 2 without much trouble, it’s a gentle way to break into running.those push ups on the other hand…how can it be so hard to do 30 push-ups?

I don’t manage any sit-ups so tell my Mum in a grump that maybe I am not designed for this. She encourages me with tales of her youth doing sit ups with a bar or partner. I ask her to hold onto my feet…

After the hilarity of tying to partner with my Mum I come up with the inspired idea of using the sofa instead of a bar. I tuck my feet under the sofa and try to pull myself up into a sit up.

100% Army Fit App

My medals for Level One

To compliment the 16 week programme I downloaded the 100% Army Fit app. It’s great!

The videos for warming up and exercising are easy for me to follow and the beginners level is so basic that I feel like I can handle it. It’s also really cool to get little medals for finishing the exercises. I like knowing that when I get a spare hour at home I can have a go at some of the exercises.

There’s no pressure and no one who I feel I am letting down by being so slow. I chose the Scottish instructor as she sounds motivational but not too angry. I’m not sure how far I will get on the levels, it’s unlikely that I will ever get 100% Army Fit but who knows? In a few years I might be cycling my way from John O’Grouts to Lands End!


The best bits:

  • easy to follow videos
  • warm ups and cool down videos in real time
  • medals to share on social media
  • nice design
  • very low fitness level needed to start Level 1
  • The exercises stay the same but range from beginner to elite level

The worst bits:

  • GPS doesn’t seem to work
  • no music during runs, the app doesn’t work if you play music at the same time
  • there’s no way to set up a reminder automatically to tell you to use it (I know that sounds lazy!)
  • If you warm up and cool down that’s 20 minutes gone before the real exercises begin, it’s OK on the muscular but the cardio can be very time consuming


To download:


Push-ups are stumping me 

easypushup.jpgPush-ups are my nemesis at the moment. Now I’m trying to do them in proper form they have taken on the stuff of nightmares. I cannot get down to fist level. I’ve been reading about what’s best to do and there are many suggesting the knee push-ups. I tried this and found I can do quite a few knee push ups but once I change to proper form it’s hard again.

So, I asked at the gym and have been told the incline version will help.

I tried this on my bottom step. It does help but the push-ups are still exhausting! How will I ever manage to do 3 sets of 8 of them and pass my Army Fit app level 3. The first two levels were so fun that hitting the wall now, at such a low level is really frustrating.

I’ve realised that when things get tough I start to give up. I really don’t want to be a quitter.