Krav gamboles 

gamboleskravFor those of you not from Birmingham, UK a gambole is what we call a forward roll.

So, Krav and good weather makes for a perfect Tuesday evening. We were outside on the grass which means it’s time to try the drop and roll techniques.

I cannot gambole. I never could, my beloved grandpa used to sit with me on our front lawn for hours trying to get me to forward roll. I did one once I think, or maybe I dreamt that.

It was hilarious. All the guys look like extras from an action movie and I’m doing sideways sausage repeatedly on the grass. The instructor tried to help and did another demo. Still I side sausage. Glad that I don’t need to do this every week!

Krav Maga induction 


Krav Maga is a practical self defence system. I heard it also gives you a great work out and can be a good confidence booster.

The induction takes part in the regular class. I accidentally wondered into junior gymnastics at first but then was redirected to a room full of men in black. A little bit intimidating….

The instructor was very nice and encouraging. Luckily another two women joined the class, one has been doing it for two years and then other for a few weeks. Having a couple of other women there made me feel a lot more relaxed.

I partnered with Sian, who has been training for two years. She was so nice! There’s a lot to take in and I’m sure only about 20% of the instructions lodged in my spongy brain.

The class isn’t just practicing the moves and getting the kick shields out. There’s a fitness element with jogging, squats and lots of push ups! I can manage a single push up at this point and as it was my first time got away with it.

The finale is the Pressure Drill. It looks intimidating but was really helpful.

I’d recommend an induction to anyone as it really gives you a feel for it. The class is very tiring, expect to be sore the next day, but I’m looking forward to next week!