100% Armyfit level 2


Hooray I’m no longer in the lowest of the low category! I managed the cardio of level 2 without much trouble, it’s a gentle way to break into running.those push ups on the other hand…how can it be so hard to do 30 push-ups?

I don’t manage any sit-ups so tell my Mum in a grump that maybe I am not designed for this. She encourages me with tales of her youth doing sit ups with a bar or partner. I ask her to hold onto my feet…

After the hilarity of tying to partner with my Mum I come up with the inspired idea of using the sofa instead of a bar. I tuck my feet under the sofa and try to pull myself up into a sit up.

A moment’s pause

Apathy…it’s good friends with procrastination.

It’s depressing feeling like you’re not getting anywhere and finding that every time you mention it you are either dismissed or laughed at.

I wonder if getting fit really is changing my life like I think or if I should listen to the nay sayers who tell me my destiny is the sofa.

It’s hard to keep going when I’m a few months in and can’t compete with people fresh off off the couch. It’s good to have this blog to look back on…not so long ago I couldn’t do a single sit up or press up. When I focus on how far I have already come, instead of worrying about how far there is left to go it’s easier not to worry about what anyone else thinks.


Week 7

shutterstock_9007795It’s week 7, I’m falling off the wagon again. I spent yesterday tidying up the house (which was over 10,000 steps and up and down  4 flights of stairs). Babysitting also added in a bit of running around and climbing. My mind set has gone though.

My neice showed me her FitBit and as I’ve just been paid and need a boost maybe this is the answer.

It’s chucking it down with rain so I need some good music to get me out the house!



My stats this week are:

Weight 61.5kg

Fat % 23

Water % 56.2

Muscle % 38.2

BMI 21.7

Bust 87.5

Waist 67

Hip 97.6

Upper thigh 60

Widest point 101

I repeat the measurements and feel really confused as to why my body seems to change so much on a weekly basis! Just as I get excited that my saddle bags are going they come back.

Maybe I will get that Fitbit…

Starting a fitness programme 

standingThere are many people who swear by doing it online or via apps and DVDs. For me motivation is a big problem. Once I’m in the house it’s too easy to get distracted by the TV or the ‘to do’ list. Besides, I’m living in a new area and it would be nice to have coffee with someone I’m not related to.

Knowing that unless I have an appointment to leave the house I won’t, I arranged to a session with one of the trainers at a nearby gym. No contract, no pressure.

My first impressions were good. Firstly, she looked incredible, slim, toned and healthy. I was embarrassed having to admit to my daily sugar habit of eating biscuits and sweets washed down with coffee to get me through the afternoon. I admitted that for weeks I had done zero exercise and could no longer ft into my jeans.

Fitness test booked for Friday.