Incline push ups 

Who knew how hard push ups actually are? Not only are they stumping my progression on my favourite app they’ve made me realise how much work my core needs.

My weight is carried around my hips and thighs, so, ironically I’ve never really worried about my stomach or abs. In fact, my stomach because it has less fat is the only place that’s showing signs of toning up.

It’s strange for me then to realise that my large bulky legs are stronger than my skinny waist.

I need to conquer the push up, for my own peace of mind.

For the incline I used a bench, to check the position is ok I had to really lean over that bench. 5 incline push ups totally killed me. Them seem to burn me out like nothing else, which makes me feel like they must be good!

I ask the gym instructor about how to improve and he says the stairs are great helpers. Start on the third step and work your way down. This also works in terms of the stairs being opposite the loo, I vaguely promise myself to do an incline push up on the stairs every time I go to the loo.

It’s hard for me to admit to being unable to manage a push-up. I shift the focus from feeling down about it to determination that I will manage a real push-up within 6 months.

Push-ups are stumping me 

easypushup.jpgPush-ups are my nemesis at the moment. Now I’m trying to do them in proper form they have taken on the stuff of nightmares. I cannot get down to fist level. I’ve been reading about what’s best to do and there are many suggesting the knee push-ups. I tried this and found I can do quite a few knee push ups but once I change to proper form it’s hard again.

So, I asked at the gym and have been told the incline version will help.

I tried this on my bottom step. It does help but the push-ups are still exhausting! How will I ever manage to do 3 sets of 8 of them and pass my Army Fit app level 3. The first two levels were so fun that hitting the wall now, at such a low level is really frustrating.

I’ve realised that when things get tough I start to give up. I really don’t want to be a quitter.