Not alone: Parkrun time!

I went to a party on Saturday night and starting chatting to the ladies on my table. After a while the conversation turned to fitness. Parkrun has become the popular way for mums to get their weekly 5K it seems. What made me really happy was that the times were like mine. One friend even confided that her first run was 38 minutes and her PB is 32! Wow, I’m not as freakishly slow as I thought. It was a real boost to try Parkrun again.


I registered for parkrun a few weeks ago, asking around friends to see if anyone might want to join was a fruitless task. I decided I’d go it alone, which would also mean if I quit no-one would find out!

Last night I had a take away and a few glasses of wine. So, after wrestling with the internet this morning I printed out my barcode and headed over to the park.

Firstly, I had to find a parking space, fortunately I remembered a side road with a mini car park. Problem solved.

8:45am I headed from the car to the park and reachced the start at bang on 9am.

Queue 45 minutes of jogging the 5k. My Fitbit confirmed what my laboured breathing suggested- I was at my peak. It was hard, my legs felts like jelly after for a few minutes but it was my lungs that struggled through the 5k.

Next time I’ll wear a hat as I caught the sun, but, there will be a next time. The atmosphere was supportive and relaxed. I was too embarrassed to go in gym gear in case I panicked and decides to walk around the park instead, so I wore an oversize hoodie and waterproof hiking trousers. My trainers too of course. The heat from the hoodie made it a bit tricky but I was glad to have the extra fabric to hide in and the hood to pull up at the end. I was embarrassed about being so slow but the volunteers were all so nice and encouraging that it stopped my shame from getting to me.

I’m proud that I did it. It was slow and not pretty but the only way is up.

My time was  38:04 minutes.


16 week challenge 

running3I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with my fitness drive. On the other hand I now have more time as yesterday was my last day at work. I’m going to be working from home 3 days a week and on site 2 days a week from next week. That gives me miles more flexibility.
It also takes out the monster commute which was quite exhausting.

I’ve been looking around for ways to meet new people and get fit. In conversation the idea of downloading the army fit app came up. There’s a 16 week guide to getting fit listed on The Guardian. It based on military workouts so I start imagining myself in full camouflage lugging a pack around.

I thought I’d give it a try so I’ve made myself a calendar. The base line test involves sit-ups, push-ups, a stretch and reach check and a 2.5K run. This must be a healthier approach than the focus on measurements.

I want to get fitter and if it improves my body that’s a bonus.

Enell AKA amazing! 

EndellMy Enell sports bra arrived and I wore it for a jog today. Firstly, I confess that I bought it because I liked the colour (Biscay Green) and the reviews were good. I decided that even if it was only ok the metallic green made it cool.

It totally lives up to the hype! I have never felt so comfortable running. Not only was there no bounce I also realised that this Enell bra stopped me getting the familiar shoulder and back pain post run which I suspect was from my badly fitted sports bras.

It’s always a bit awkward being buying bras. Over the past few years I’ve gone from a 30F to a 30DD through weight loss but having a narrow back makes finding a good bra tricky.

I normally settle for wearing a 32DD on the narrowest hook and sewing the band shorter for my everyday bras. With sports bras the key is getting the right band size so I’ve had to shop about for the right style.

Because a 30DD is still a small bust I’ve used a lot of compression style bras. I grab a size small or medium, squeeze them in and ignore the discomfort. This hasn’t been encouraging me to run.

My Enell is so comfy that I am now saving up for the blue version.

I bought two shock absorber bras at the same time which are great for general gym sessions and jumping about. They have the advantage of looking cute under vest tops too. The only thing I don’t like about the Enell is that under vest tops it looks a bit granny, the metallic colour makes it look deliberate at least though. I’m not at the confidence stage to wear it alone but the model below shows that it can be worn as a crop and look fab!


3 miles in…40 minutes 

So the intention was to run 3K because I couldn’t work out how to input 2.5 into the treadmill. It wasn’t until 40 minutes and 14 seconds later when I finished, that it hit me it was in fact 3 miles I’d run or 4.8km.

On the plus side, in spite of having to run walk for part of it I managed  it and actually enjoyed it. When I forget how slow I am it’s nice to enjoy the sensation. Besides, the best thug about being slow is that I can only get faster (right?)

The comfortable speed seems to be  roughly 5 mph. It probably is as slow as it sounds.

Another plus point is that there’s loads of advice out there for improving running times. Including a guide to going coach potato to 5 k in a few weeks and an app. I wonder if I don’t need to focus it in a bit more and stick to what I’m doing.

Music Video Motivation 

tvtreadmillMusic is a big motivator. I’ve asked friends for playlist advice. I knew my taste in music was eccentric but I wasn’t too worried until my friend forgot her ipod and wanted to go running. I offered her mine at which point she turned to my flatmate and asked to borrow hers.

It seems my running tracks are not up to scratch.

I’m now taking suggestions and adding up a playlist, with the help of usefully titled albums such as “workout mix”.