Tan for tone 

Fake tan on milk white skin used to be hard to pull off. In fact, most of my attempts at fake tan over the years have left me orange and streaky.  I do not tan in the sun, I burn then peel. The best case scenario is that my freckles expand enough to give me a few patches of brown.  My last attempt at a fake bake was two years ago when the reaction of my family to my fab tan (fits of laughter) made me question my clementine look.

Luckily for those of us who are porcelain non-tanners nature has finally got a real helping hand! After convincing myself that now technology must have caught up I go for a professional application spray tan. This involves moving around the tanning booth in my paper thong until I’m covered. Some loose clothes on and I wait for a few hours before rinse off.

My mum has never seen me with an actual tan as my stubborn milk skin has stayed pasty even when I lived in Mediterranean climes. Their first reaction is shock. My brother starts laughing as the guide colour is admittedly quite orange. It’s good shock once I rinse it off though! I’m finally a slightly less pasty colour.

The tan makes my eyes stand out and hides so many lumps and bumps that I am totally hooked.

I wish the weather was better so I could show it off in a skimpy summer dress.

I love St Tropez! My plan now is to see if I can recreate this genius tan at home using their in shower tanning foam and gradual tanner moisturiser.

As a fake bake newbie any advice on keeping my tan smooth for as long as possible would be appreciated.